Information About the Track

Montague Soapbox Races track area

The Race Track starts at the top of First Street, the hill wrapped around Unity Park. It drops 60 feet in 300 feet of road, providing quite a lot of acceleration for Adult Racers who may start at the top of the hill on a 22.5 degree raised ramp. Teen Racers will also start at the top of the hill, but not on the ramps, and Kid Racers will start about 1/3-way down.

Racers will get two heats each, and go down the hill two at a time, side by side. Because of the single left turn on the hill, each racer will take the left lane on one heat and the right lane on their other heat, with the best time being used towards their final timing.

The finishline for Teen and Adult racers is the near the entrance to the parking lot for Unity Park. Kid racers finish line is closer.

Here is a video of the track as it was in 2011 before it was paved. Please note, the speedbump will NOT be in place during the race.