Information for Racers

Montague Soapbox racetrack - 1st Street Unity Park

Racers must be 8 years or older on race day. Racers under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and must co-sign the race application and waiver. Adults are encouraged to enter.

Carts must be home-made, not from kits, and must be occupied by only one person. Carts must have a floor, not just foot-pegs. This is critical, in case your foot drops under your vehicle while on the way down the hill.

In an effort to streamline the races and get the carts down the hill in the quickest time, racers may not share carts within the same division division, unless they take turns as the same entry in the two heats. If sharing a cart, both drivers need to check in and be weighed. If weights have been added to the cart, they must be set so as to meet the weight requirements for both divisions. NO WEIGHTS MAY BE ADDED OR REMOVED after checking in.

Racers will be grouped into three divisions, based on ages, for the competition:

  • Kids Division: 8 years - 12 years old
  • Teen Division: 13 years - 19 years old
  • Adults Division: 20 years old and up

Adult class racers will start at the top of the hill, which is pretty steep -- dropping 60 feet in less than 300' of road. In previous years, the top adult cart speed has exceeded 35 MPH at the bottom where the left turn begins. Teen class class will start at the top but not on the ramps, and Kid class racers will start lower down the hill.

Adult racers will have the option of starting on a raised ramp, further adding to the speed. The ramp is about 22 degrees, being eight feet wide and twelve feet long, and is four feet high in the back.

How the Heats Work

After the National Anthem, all the carts will be pulled up the hill in sets of three by two ATVs. Kids will be dropped off near the top, and teens and adults will be dropped off at the top.

Racers will get two heats each and go down the hill two at a time, side by side against another racer in their age category. Because of the single left turn on the hill, each racer will take the left lane on one heat and the right lane on their other heat, with the total combined time being used towards their final timing. The finish line will not be staggered. Lane-changing is NOT allowed. If you cross the line you will be penalized five seconds.

All racers will run in age-order, starting from 8-yrs old to the oldest racer. During the first heats, right after each pair of racers cross the finish line the previous two racers will be pulled back up the hill to prepare for the second heat.

Trophies will be awarded to the best three combined times for each division. There will be multiple style trophies as well, based on the look and construction of the carts themselves.

All racers must follow the safety guidelines outlined in the Vehicle Rules, which include wearing a helmet, elbow pads or long sleeved jacket, gloves and safety glasses. No open-toe shoes, or capes. Knee pads are encouraged, but are not mandatory.