Free Soapbox Cart Available

Greenfield Center School wants to start over

photo of black and red soapbox cart

The Montague Soapbox Races were a blast this year, bringing people from the 2010 races back, along with a few dozen new racers, all on a beautiful September afternoon. Truly a fall classic.

As it so happens with any soapbox race, some builders / contestants want to start over the next year with a new design, and such is the case with the students of the Greenfield Center School. Here is a note we received from Chris Sanborn, a teacher at the school...

Hi Mik. Thanks for organising this year's soapbox derby. I heard it was a blast. Center School is wanting to pass on our car to someone who can use it for parts or as-is. We may build a car for future derbies, but we know we want to let this one go.

Do you have any contacts that might be interested? Would you want to store it somewhere to be used for parts on the build days next year?


Please note: this cart is no longer available. -Mik

If you are able to pick up the cart on Montague City Road in Greenfield and store it for the winter, perhaps making your own modifications for next year's races, the price is certainly right!

Please reply to this email, and we'll get you in touch with Chris.

Thanks, and look forward to seeing you all at next year's races!

-Mik and the soapbox crew