MCTV Thanks You

So many people in the community to thank for their support of this past Sunday’s Montague Soapbox Derby

MCTV is indebted to the many intrepid volunteers who joined the film, operations and logistics crews on Montague Soapbox Derby 2013 race day, who survived the technical difficulties, including our perennial MCTV video volunteers who are far too patient with us. Including...

  • The articulate announcers Russ Brown, Pat Allen and Michael Nelson,
  • The trophy makers Nina Rossi and Joe Landry (who is also our resident engineer and mentor),
  • Our Montague Parks and Recreation host, Jon Dobosz, who set up and cleaned up all weekend,
  • The vendors who cranked out pizza, BBQ, french fries, hot dogs, ice cream, and beer,
  • Our generous sponsors without whom we could not put on the event. We are particularly grateful to those sponsors that sent volunteers, sponsored racers and provided equipment and materials: Hale Custom Signs, Sirum's Equipment, Silver Screen Design, Greenfield Savings Bank, Kostanski Funeral Home, MP3 DJ Greg Stewart, and Easthampton Community TV.
  • Past MCCI board president Anne Harding and her merchandise/raffle crew Miette Muller and April Weintraub staffed our booth all day.
  • I have to put in a plug for my husband Mark and daughter Bella who tracked the miles per hour crouched over a hay bale with the Erving Police Dept's radar gun (I had that job last year).
  • We especially thank derby committee member Deb Bourbeau for her tireless volunteer recruitment and for officiating over the race stats, keeping all informed and fielding rude interruptions from the sidelines.
  • Of course the event would not exist without MCCI Board member and all-around community guy Mik Muller, who provided overall race direction, recruitment, and web and logistics work and MCTV's staff, who are the backbones of the whole operation.

We recognize the hard work that racers from near and far put into their carts and we so appreciate the time they took from their other pursuits to join us on that beautiful day as summer turned into autumn. We hope that kids, teens and adults in the audience were inspired to make their own gravity powered carts for some creative and challenging fun.

Cindy Tarail, Outreach and Communication Coordinator
Montague Community Television
Channel 17
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