Race Updates

Some new tidbits and news items about the Montague Soapbox Races

The Montague Soapbox Races are shaping up to be a glorious day! We're going to make history tomorrow, so don't miss it.

Here are some last-minute details...

Weather Forecast

The weather for tomorrow: Partly cloudy early followed by mostly cloudy skies and a few showers later in the day. High 78 deg F. Winds west at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 30%.

The race will NOT be canceled due to rain. Only if it monsoons or hails larger than 1/4 inch ice will we then delay the race till later in the day. Bring a hat.

Spectators may also want to bring a milk crate or something to stand on if they're not right at the race track fence.

Morning Check-in

All racers should show up at Hillside Avenue and 3rd Street between 10:30 AM and 11:30 AM. 12:00 Noon is the absolute cut-off time.

Spectators will be allowed to start arriving after 11:00 AM. Race starts at 12:00 Noon.

Star Spangled Banner!

We have Zacharie Boisvert, a teen from Turners Falls High School, to sing the Star Spangled Banner for us. Live! Thanks to Zacharie and his mom Diana.

List of Vendors

We have six food vendors at the Race tomorrow, and several non-food vendors / tables set up.

Food Vendors Non-Food Vendors
Rendezvous, with Narragansett beer tent
Dave's Dogs
Grumpy's Clam Shack
Cliff's Smokin' Backyard BBQ
La Bodega spanish and "ethic" foods
Bart's Ice Cream
MCTV / Race Merchandise
Western Mass Medical Reserve Corps
Montague Elks safety training van
Turners Falls film project
Cancer fundraiser


List of Sponsors

We have a short but very sweet list of underwriters, sponsors and advertisers at the Race tomorrow:

  • Greenfield Savings Bank
  • Dr. Jordan Quinn
  • Narragansett Brewery
  • Kostanski's Funeral Home
  • Montague WebWorks

  • MontagueMA.net
  • Maniatty Real Estate
  • Holy Smokes BBQ Delicatessen
  • Joe Gochinski
  • First Light Power
  • The Solar Store
  • Florence Savings Bank
  • Power Down Debt
  • Joe Landry
  • Good Dirt Pottery
  • Special thanks to Bear Country and WHAI radio for their enthusiasm and on-air support!

New Race Video from Brattleboro's Kornguth Soapbox Derby

"Tim the Moose" shot video of each heat in Daniel Kornguth's Soapbox Derby in Brattleboro on Sunday, August 22nd. It was a rainy, chilly day, but everyone had a blast. Check it out...


Montague Soapbox Races on Facebook

If you have a Facebook account you can "like" us and view race-day photos as they're uploaded, and comments by Race Officials throughout the day.

Montague Soapbox Races on Facebook

Current Racer Lists

We have 32 Racers registered so far and are expecting a few more Racers to show up and register on the day of the race. Again, no Racers accepted after 12:00 Noon, but best to arriver earlier. Here is the list of all racers so far, in age order, in their respective divisions:

Kids Division (12:15 PM)

RacerID First Name Last Name Age City State
5 Chelsea Curtis 8 yrs Turners Falls MA
8 Thor Mead 8 yrs Turners Falls MA
30 Ivy Muller 10 yrs Montague MA
29 PJ Evans 11 yrs Montague MA
24 Ross Damon 12 yrs Northfield MA
26 JP Sanieski 12 yrs Northfield MA


Teens Division (1:00 PM)

RacerID First Name Last Name Age City State
6 * Kyle Bry 10 yrs Montague MA
11 Craig Bodell 13 yrs Gill MA
13 Logan Turner-Renaud 15 yrs Dummerston VT
16 Ezra Ward 17 yrs Montague MA
27 JP Sanieski 17 yrs Northfield MA

* Kyle Bry will be racing in the teen division.


Adults Division (1:45 PM)

RacerID First Name Last Name Age City State
2 Timothy Burbank 20 yrs Montague MA
4 Tim Dowd 21 yrs Montague MA
9 Katie Kurtyka 22 yrs Turners Falls MA
23 Adam Goodwin 23 yrs Turners Falls MA
15 Cody Savinski 24 yrs Montague MA
32 Jen Schafer 32 yrs Turners Falls MA
7 Michael Becker 35 yrs Brattleboro VT
21 Krista Stoops 37 yrs Westfield MA
1 Daniel Kornguth 38 yrs Brattleboro VT
14 George Braca 40 yrs Amherst MA
3 Owen Graves 41 yrs Turners Falls MA
6 * Bill Bry 42 yrs Montague MA
25 David Larue 45 yrs New Salem MA
10 Chris Raymond 48 yrs Bernardston MA
12 Godfried Turner-Renaud 49 yrs Dummerston MA
17 Tom Cameron 51 yrs Easthampton MA
18 John Stewart 54 yrs Lake Pleasant MA
22 Phil Brubaker 61 yrs Brattleboro MA
31 John Landino 62 yrs Turners Falls MA
20 Sam Groves 65 yrs Brattleboro VT
28 Joe Landry 65 yrs Turners Falls MA

* Bill Bry will be racing his son Kyle's cart in the adult division