2013 Race Results

List of trophy winners

Now in its fourth year, the Montague Soapbox Derby again had race 36 entries, with 34 racers showing up, one of who's cart axel broke just before they registered.

We again had many racers come from out of state, including four of the organizers of the Sharon, CT, race, and one racer from Brattleboro, VT. Several racers from Montague return the favor by attending their race, which usually happens in July.

All week leading up the weather was predicted to have showers all morning until after the races started, but come race day morning, the sun was shining and the temperatures wound up in the 70s. Perfect racing weather!

This year the race committee followed several suggestions to remediate the long delays we have experienced in the past by installing a tow-up lane so carts could continually be brought back up to the top of the hill as the race continued on. Because we were now shrinking the width of the race track, racers were given the prerogative to change lanes and try for the "inside track" on their way down the hill. This proves to increase the excitement for both drivers and spectators. We feel this was a winning option, and will continue to do it in all following years.

All in all, it was another great day of gravity racing in Montague, MA.

Official Top Three Winning speed, times and places.

Car# First Name Last Name Age Best MPH Total Time Placing
7 Emily Williams 10 23 49.6 1
12 Andrew Nordell 12 24 50.0 2
61 Ethan Jackson 10 23 53.2 3
76 Kyle Kirkland 12 33 64.8 1
3 Nick Karsten 16 32 65.8 2
30 Ivy Muller 13 29 75.8 3
35 Greg Kilmer 46 38 51.6 1
28 Joe Landry 68 37 52.6 2
7ma Greg Williams 43 37 53.1 3
1 John Zellmann 49 32 61.4 C1
25 "Bones" Larue 48 26 72.0 C2

(C1) John Zellmannwon Joe Landry's custom "Landry Precision Award" for his fire-engine based cart design.

(C2) "Bones" Larue was the recipient of Nina Rossi's custom "Rubber Chicken Award" for his unique industrial cart design.

For full results of all racers, please visit the Full Official Results page on the website.