List of Racers Announced

Full list and cart numbers for all racers

The 2013 Montague Soapbox Derby is off to a good start with a healthy cadre of daring racers competing for a new trophy design this year. Still real metal, but now with a faux marble base, and a red ruby in the middle!

We also have two custom tropies this year, to be revealed tomorrow.

Before we get to the race order, we would like to inform you of some last-minute RULE CHANGES for this year:

  1. Because of serious delays in previous years due to having to tow every cart back up the hill at one time during "half-time" the Derby Committee has decided to try setting up a dedicated towing lane on the inside of the track, and continuously pull and push two carts back up the hill immediately after each heat. This means that the race track will become skinnier... too skinny to maintain two separate lanes...
  2. So, this year we will allow lane changing during the race. Please be careful if you are merging into the inner lane to not interfere with the driver there. despite the spectators fascination with crashes, no one wants to have their cart destroyed on race day.
  3. Also, because there will be no half-time, we will commit to each racer having THREE heats, with the best two times combined for a total time.
  4. There will be no final heats. Every racer will get three runs, and trophies will be awarded after the third heat is run.

Check in time starts at 8:00 AM at the corner of Avenue A and 1st Street, Turners Falls, MA

Please make sure your cart has the correct number on at least the right-side of the cart, if not both, or the front. You also need a strong hook in the front and back of the cart for towing purposes. Complete rules are here. They do not yet reflect the new rules, listed above. We will update that document by Friday.

Good luck!

Below is the list of racers in their racing order.

8 Westley Roguz Granby MA 8
9 Julian Lindop Greenfield MA 9
61 Ethan Jackson Turners Falls MA 10
7 Emily Williams Turners Falls MA 10
2 Nicholas Jarvis Deerfield MA 11
59 Elliot Walsh Oakham MA 11
76 Kyle Kirkland Greenfield MA 12
12 Andrew Nordell Greenfield MA 12
30 Ivy Muller Greenfield MA 13
52 Lucia Mason Montague MA 14
3 Nick Karsten Leverett MA 16
6 Kyle Bry* Turners Falls MA 13
106 Cody Stuart Turners Falls MA 20
10 Daniel Bowling Lake Pleasant MA 23
70 Sean McKenna Easthampton MA 28
15 Brandon Stafford Millers Falls MA 32
56 Dan Petrowicz Millers Falls MA 33
80 Bela Borges Everett MA 36
13 Eugene Aakjar Sharon CT 39
63 Johanna Castilla Greenfield MA 40
74 Bob Hodgkins Millers Falls MA 42
36 Kelly Kilmer Sharon CT 43
5 Christine Aakjar Sharon CT 45
7ma Greg Williams Turners Falls MA 43
35 Greg Kilmer Sharon CT 46
25 "Bones" LaRue New Salem MA 48
1 John Zellmann Turners Falls MA 49
4 Ralph Baldwin New Milford CT 50
67 Richard Reil Turners Falls MA 67
64 Larry Johnson Montague MA 55
42 Eric Nelson Sharon CT 55
11 John Stewart Lake Pleasant MA 58
57 Les Jackson Turners Falls MA 67
20 Sam Groves Brattleboro VT 68
28 Joe Landry Montague MA 68

* Kyle Bry will be racing in the adults class.