2011 Race-Day Schedule

Breakdown of the day, for both volunteers, racers and spectators

7:00 am Volunteers arrive
Shut down street
Post all signage
Hay bales arrive, start stacking
Begin laying out cables for MCTV
Paint road line, and start and finish lines
Lay down cones on road line
8:00 am Vendors begin to arrive
Set up ramps
8:30 am Check In / Inspection set up
9:00 am Racers begin Check In
Begin to set up PA system
Lay out hay bale adverts
9:30 am  
10:00 am  
10:30 am Spectators begin to arrive
Vendor vehicles must leave the field
11:00 am Roger Tincknell starts
11:30 am Bulk of spectators begin to arrive
12:00 pm Announcers welcome / Introductions
Pledge of Allegiance
Pull carts up the hill
12:30 pm Races begin -- 1st heat
1:00 pm  
1:30 pm Races begin -- 2nd heat
2:00 pm  
2:30 pm Races begin -- Finals
3:00 pm Awards Ceremony
4:00 pm Pick up hay bales
5:00 pm More clean up
6:00 pm Event over